Automated Tasks

Automated tasks allow the user to create a task, determining the strategy, points, repetitions and the type (As-found/As-left or only As-left).

From this screen the user can still save a template, which allows the creation of different tasks based on the same configuration.

Task Selection

With the created task, access the tasks mode and select the task you want to perform.

The files are divided into two categories:
Waiting - tasks not performed or performed only As-found option
Performed - As-left tasks performed

Running Tasks

The task execution screen shows the current point (red), the current reading and the points already performed, as well as its absolute error.

After the task execution, the results can be visualized in a report.


The calibration report shows the results of executions "As-found" and "As-left", as well as the values and errors.

If the error is above the maximum value registered for the task, the line appears in red.

Results in Browser

The user can access the report via web server in any web browser, and can view and print it, and shall have a customized logo.