Hart Communicator

Optionally, the MCS-XV can be equipped with a HART communicator; this communicator provides the basic functions needed to communicate with a Hart device.

Device Information

MCS-XV has an internal 250 ohms resistor, eliminating the need to use an external resistor.

Communicates with devices at address positions from 0 to 15.

Allows the view of basic data such as manufacturer, tags, message and range.

Default Configuration

Allows the user to select the range of the device, as well as damping time and the engineering unit.

Incorporates tests of the analog output and DAC trim.


It also incorporates an on-line monitor of the process variable and output signal (digital and analog) reading.

In this monitor, you can still choose the range with reference generating signals superior and inferior ranges.

Hart Communicator (Code CH)

- Short address communication
   (addresses from 0 to 15).
- Ideal to meet the functionality of a calibration process where is possible to adjust zero / span / range, but does not execute specific Hart Full commands.

Full Hart Communicator (Code FH)

If the device specific functions are required, the user can opt to purchase the full HART configurator module, which is able to interpret the DD* files; however, in most cases the use of the Hart communicator (CH) should be effective, allowing the user to check the basic data and select the device operating range in a more intuitive and simplified way.

* DD files (Device Description) are special files created by the equipment manufacturer that describe the specific features of the same. With their use, functions like input trim, as long as made available by the manufacturer, shall be performed.