Main Screen

Shows both Input and Output.

Allows access to selection of input and output, special functions and still provides a system help option.

The Selectors

Selectors of input and output allow the user to select the appropriate signal.

Green check shows the current selection.

If the signal has advanced settings, a new screen is shown for selecting the appropriate parameters.

Signal with advanced settings

If the user has opted for a signal with advanced settings, a new panel will be shown.

The screen shows RTD characteristics of the input to accept the parameter settings Callendar-Van Dusen.

Special Functions

The input and output signals can still perform special functions.

The screen shows the scaling functions for the inputs and the ramp generator for the outputs.

These functions are all plug-in. By default, all MCS-XV calibrators present the special functions:

Input: Scale, Conv and Cal
Output: Step and Ramp

Information Screen

This is the information screen of calibrator mode.

Use it to create tasks, manage memories and review information on the current operating status.

Memory Manager

The memory manager provides a way to save a configuration of input / output, as the active special function, in order to reuse this configuration when desired.

Menu P

This menu can be used to access:

- Functions and information about calibrator mode and

- The tasks creator.